RENA Huggies - Rhodolite Garnet

$600.00 CAD

Lil Garnet hoop baby! eeeee! So cute. 

  • 6x 2mm rose cut Rhodolite Garnets
  • 14k gold (yellow gold shown)
  • Hinged, click-in hoop.
  • 12.5mm in diameter.

A sparkly pink addition to your ear party! 
Great for pretty much any piercing that allows for a hoop. We recommend helix or lobe.

Solid individually or as a pair.

        (Garnet is the birthstone for January).

These RENA hoops can be fully customized. The metal and gemstone combinations are endless. Yellow gold with emeralds? Rose gold with amethyst?

MADE to ORDER ship with 7-10 business days.

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