What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a custom fit chain bracelet or necklace, seamlessly bonded together by a delicate weld. They do not have a clasp, giving them their ‘permanent’ definition. Because we custom fit your one-of-a-kind bracelet the fit is more snug, maximizing the comfort for full-time wear.

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What sorts of permanent jewelry do you offer?

We are offering mostly permanent bracelets at the moment but are accepting appointments for permanent necklaces and rings as well. Currently, we are not accepting permanent anklet bookings.

What material is the chain made of?

All the chains used is solid sterling silver, 10k gold, or 14k gold. We believe your permanent jewelry should stand the test of time and everyday wear. Which is why we aren’t offering gold-plated or gold-fill options. 

What chain options do you offer?

We like to switch it up! So, our selection of chain options are always changing, which is why we don’t list our options online. If there is a specific style you are looking for, please make notes in your reservation booking, and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Our chain offerings are available in sterling silver, as well as 10k & 14k yellow, white, and rose gold. Options, baby!

What is the price of the permanent jewelry?

For bracelets (our most popular), our sterling silver options start at $70 and go up to around $125

For solid 10k & 14k options, our gold chains range from $150- $250+

Necklaces are slightly over double the price of a bracelets service, while rings are half that price.

Can the permanent bracelets be removed if necessary?

Of course! Our permanent jewelry options can be cut off with simple kitchen scissors. Cut on the welded jump ring to have it reattached later. 

Are charms available to add on?

Absolutely! We are offering a wide range of petite charms in silver and solid gold to create your own unique design. We have a selection of gemstone charms available as well, including birthstone charms. 

Letter/Initial charms are available request at the time of booking. We don’t stock every letter and number consistently, so be sure to include the initial and metal (silver or gold) you would like in the booking notes.

What happens if my permanent jewelry falls off?

Life happens, and sometimes the delicate chains can fall off. Permanent jewelry is still jewelry, and not indestructible. But no stress! Hang onto it and we will happily re-zap it for you! We offer the first re-zap complimentary. After that there will be a $25 reattachment fee. 

What if I decide I would like to add a clasp?

Not a problem! We will happily add a clasp on for you in the metal that matches your permanent jewelry. Prices for clasps are $15 for sterling silver, and $45 for 10k gold. If you are from outside the Greater Vancouver area or can’t make it to Granville Island just pop it in the mail, we’ll clasp it and mail it back to you.