About the brand

Sita is a fine jewelry brand where classic and modern designs are assembled in timeless pieces that are meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

Our brand began with a desire to tell a story through simple hand gestures and symbols. Through the imagery of each uniquely cut pendant we discovered a beautiful, unspoken dialogue, and still to this day these distinguishable designs are exclusive to the Sita brand. 

We are rooted as treasure hunters who seek out rare gemstones and diamonds, rich with heritage and enduring beauty. Carefully, we design, fabricate and finish each piece in one-of-a-kind and custom-made nuanced designs that can be playfully layered, personalized, and worn every day.

Whether you’re searching for that first piece of fine jewelry to elevate your jewelry box, or looking for a larger investment piece to add to your already established collection, we’re committed to providing you with rare, beautiful pieces that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Meet Carli Sita

Born and raised in Vancouver, Carli set out on her journey searching for something that spoke to both her creative, visual tendencies. 

Growing up she spent hours playing dress-up with her mother's jewelry, but was only interested in wearing "the good stuff". She not only loved its clean simplicity and the way pure gold weighed on her skin, but also its ability to completely transform by simply layering it with another piece.

Upon completing the Jewelry Art & Design program at VCC she launched her first jewelry collection of delicate hand symbols. As she continued to refine and perfect her design methods, it felt only natural to combine her lifelong penchant for rare gemstones and her love of simple, elegant, statement jewelry. 

Carli’s jewelry is celebrated for its timeless nostalgia, inspired by a mix of mid-century, asymmetrical and geometric designs combined with modern influences. Her fascination with our earth and its ability to produce such beautiful stones, pushes her to respect their natural properties in her designs and bring each gemstone to life by simply enhancing its brilliance and enduring beauty.

Our philosophy

We are committed to sustainability and pride ourselves in working with materials that are kind to the environment with the hope that they will forever be worn and passed down throughout generations. 

We are passionate about working with high quality, unique fine gemstones and solid gold, which makes every piece in our collection a special investment that reflects collaboration, quality, & craftsmanship that has always been at the core of our brand. 

We are committed to transparency and communicating the unique story of each gemstone to our customers. 

We are committed to supporting small businesses that share the same ethically-minded values and respect for responsible jewelry practices. 

We work directly with our suppliers to source gemstones through safe, responsible, and ethical practices, prioritizing the physical and mental well-being of every human-being  first while being mindful of the environment throughout the entire process.